I’m going round in circles

I am radiant!

I feel guilty

I let go!

I feel overwhelmed

I’m back on my feet and
charting a course towards success!

Everything seems like a mountain to me

I am capable of reaching the top!

I feel I’m at an impasse

I have found my way!

I feel confused

I see things clearly!

I have no self-confidence

I have become aware of
my qualities and resources!

I can’t make decisions

I take action!

If these sentences are meaningful to you.
If you can’t carry on in this way either.
If you too want things to change.

You are in the right place at the right time: time to take care of yourself.

Let’s light your spark of change together!

I accompany you through several concrete steps with efficient tools, so you find serenity, trust, clarity, energy and motivation.


I came to see Myriam to resolve my phobia of spiders in view of my trip to Oceania. After four sessions, I was able to take a spider on my hand to remove it from my leg very naturally, without the slightest apprehension. I only realised what I had done afterwards. I was really surprised by myself and my reaction, and delighted to no longer be afraid. I feel liberated. I no longer think of looking in corners to see if there is a spider, and I therefore no longer notice them.

I warmly recommend Myriam: it’s a good thing to address your phobias with a beautiful person and to release them gently.